What is GP Explore

GP Explore is a tool which enables users to better understand their experiential learning, identify gaps, and plan for future learning. GP Explore also integrates reflection and goal setting.

It offers simple data capture, analytics and reflection and learning.

GP Explore has the following functions:

  • Patient log – enables the capture of unidentified patient data and provides automated, dynamic analytics and reporting of this data. Reporting includes:
    • Mandatory data collection analytics – reports all unidentified patient data entered during the mandatory data collection period.
    • Paediatric log – reports all unidentified paediatric patient data entered.
    • Overall analytics – reports all unidentified patient data entered.
  • Procedural log – enables logging of procedures performed, the level of competency of these procedures and identification of procedures still to be performed.
  • Learning log – enables easy logging and management of learning tasks
  • Portfolio – Training timeline and activities enables registrars to easily monitor their completed and outstanding training requirements.

GP Explore can be accessed either via the dashboard on GPEx One or the GP Explore App.

Updated on February 2, 2021

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