Research in General Practice: A beginners guide

Review the underlying principles of research including establishing your research question and navigating through selection of a methodology.

1. GP Guide to Literature Searching. Australian Doctor, June 2006. Trevena L.

 Reading 1


2. Trent Focus for Research and Development in Primary Health Care. An Introduction to Using Statistics in Research (2002) Mather N, Fox N, Hunn A.

 Reading 2


3. A Health Researcher’s Guide to Qualitative Methodologies. (2007) Dew K.

 Reading 3


4. Grounded Theory, Mixed Methods and Action Research (2008) Lingard L, Albert M, Levinson W.

 Reading 4


5. Critically Appraising Qualitative Research (2008) Kuper A, Lingard L, Levinson W.

 Reading 5


6. Observational Methods in Health Care Settings (1995) Mays N.

 Reading 6


7. Narrative Based Medicine: Narrative Based Medicine in an Evidence Based World (1999) Greenhalgh T.

 Reading 7


8. How to Read a Paper: Statistics for the Non-Statistician. Different Types of Data Need Different Statistical Tests (1997) Greenalgh T.

 Reading 8


9. How to Read a Paper: Statistics for the Non-Statistician II. “Significant” Relations and Their Pitfalls (1997) Greenalgh T.

 Reading 9


10. How to Read a Paper: Getting Your Bearings (Deciding What the Paper is About) (1997) Greenalgh T.

 Reading 10


11. How to Read a Paper: Papers That Report Drug Trials (1997) Greenhalgh T.

 Reading 11


12. How to Read a Paper: Papers That Report Diagnostic or Screening Tests (1997) Greenlagh T.

 Reading 12


Updated on September 2, 2020

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