Registrar Records

Step 1

Click on the Registrar dataset

Step 2

In the search box type in the name of the registrar.

Step 3

You will then see the results of your search

Step 4

Click on the name of the registrar you want to view.

You will now be taken to the Registrar Information screen.

To navigate to the section you need quickly, click on the menu icon next to the name of the registrar

Step 5

This will then display a list of the different sections in this screen.

Click on the section to quickly navigate to that section.

Step 6

The Overview section displays:

  • GPEx Information
  • Record Information
  • Name
  • Withdrawal Information
  • Related Program Numbers
  • Additional Record Details

The Personal information section displays:

  • Personal Details
  • Address Details
  • Residency Status
  • Additional Information
Updated on November 5, 2018

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