How to add a training unit

Step 1

You can add a training unit by selecting the Training Units dataset and clicking on the + New.

Or go into the Registrar record and click on the + to enter a new training unit

Step 2

This will now open up a blank form.

* Indicates these field must contain data to save the record.

Step 3

To enter data into a field, click on the field.

Either start typing in the text box

or click on the magnifying glass to display a list of options.

If you can not see your preferred option, scroll to the bottom of the list and click on the ‘Look Up More Records’ to open up a more advanced search box.

Enter your text in the search box.

Once found, highlight the record and click on the ‘Add’ button to add the selection into the chosen field.

Step 4

Certain fields when populated will populate other fields e.g. enter a semester date will auto-populate the Date Start and Date End fields.  The auto-populated fields can still be edited.

Useful tip

Once you have added the facility, you can click on the magnifying glass for the Supervisor and see all accredited supervisors for that facility.6

Step 6

If you click on the save button you will see a message if the form has not been filled in correctly

You will not be able to save the record until the error has been fixed.

In this instance, we need to add a record Control Status.

After entering the status, we can now save the record.

The Confirmed status tells the CRM that the record can be synced to RIDE.

After you have entered all the data click on the save icon to save the record

Updated on November 5, 2018

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