How do registrars complete the paediatric logbook requirement (Group A & B Registrars only)?

All Group A and B registrars are required to complete at least one paediatric logbook. This is completed using GP Explore.

All paediatric patients entered into GP Explore, including those entered during the mandatory data collection period, will be added automatically to your paediatric logbook. You can view your paediatric logbook through the GP Explore page on GPEx One and via the Paediatric log button in the GP Explore App. You will have the opportunity to review this logbook during your discussions with your supervisor.

The checklist below outlines a recommended process for completing this requirement.

Paediatric Logbook Checklist (Group A & B registrars ONLY):


To do

Further information


☐  Read the FAQs


☐  Speak to your practice and ensure they are aware of the patient information process


How do I ensure patients are informed?


☐  Familiarise yourself with International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC) coding system and have a copy on your desk. 

How do I choose a diagnosis code- about the ICPC codes?

Data capture

☐  Enter all paediatric records

How do I add patient data to GP Explore?

Review analytics

☐   Review your GP Explore analytics/ reports

How do I review my GP Explore analytics/reports?

Reflection and learning

☐   Arrange for supervisor sign off of your paediatric logbook



Updated on September 9, 2021

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