How do registrars complete the GP Explore mandatory data collection requirements?

GP Explore is a mandatory requirement for all registrars in their second semester of community general practice training. For all other registrars it is a voluntary requirement.

Mandatory Data Collection Checklist


To do

Further information


☐  Read the GP Explore Resources

GP Explore Resources

☐  Familiarise yourself with the mandatory data collection dates

How to check start date for mandatory data collection?

☐  Speak to your practice and ensure they are aware of the patient information process


How do I ensure patients are informed?


☐  Familiarise yourself with International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC2) coding system and have a copy on your desk. 

How do I choose a diagnosis code- about the ICPC2 codes?


Data capture

☐  From the start date, enter data for 100 consecutive consultations

How do I add patient data to GP Explore?

☐  Check your working hours recorded in GP Explore are correct

How do I add my working hours?


Review analytics

☐   Review your GP Explore analytics/ reports

How do I review my GP Explore analytics/reports?

Reflection and learning

☐   Complete the reflective questions

☐   Discuss your reflection with your supervisor

☐   Read supervisor and medical educator feedback on your reflection

☐   Implement changes

How do I complete the reflection?


Updated on September 9, 2021

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