How do I ensure patients are informed? (Including telehealth)

The patient information poster should be displayed in the practice to ensure patients are aware that data collection may occur during their consult.

For telehealth style consults the patient information poster can be provided as a PDF – or may be attached to booking confirmation emails etc. Alternatively, it may be read out during the consultation. This ensures that the patient is aware of the data collection and has an opportunity to opt out if required.

This poster informs patients that unidentified data will be collected, and that they may opt out of this process if they have concerns. Our pilot has shown that it is unusual that patients are concerned with the data collection.

It is the registrar/doctor’s responsibility to:

  • liaise with the practice to agree on when data collection is occurring-this includes all data entered into GP Explore.
  • ensure there is an understanding of how the patient information process will be managed within your practice.

The recommended process for informing patients is outlined in the figure below.

**Registrars/doctors may choose to record in patient notes if patients opt out as a reminder to ensure no data is collected.

Updated on March 29, 2021

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