How do I choose a diagnosis code – about the ICPC-2 codes?

    ICPC-2 Code Sheet 
  • The diagnosis options available in GP Explore are based on the International Classification of Primary Care Second Edition (ICPC-2) coding system.  
  • The ICPC-2 codes have been used in GP Explore to help streamline the entry of data and to assist in grouping information for more effective reporting capabilities. 
  • Review and familiarise yourself with these codes before commencing data entry.  
  • Have a printout of the ICPC-2 codes on your desk to assist with entering your patient’s diagnosis.   
  • Avoid relying on general and unspecified codes if a more specific code is available. 
  • The process codes refer to the work you do as a GP that doesn’t relate to a new diagnosis, for example completing a script or completing a radiology request. 
Updated on September 14, 2020

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