How do I add my working hours?

  • GP Explore needs to understand working hours in order to calculate an average patient load. 
  • Working hours are only required for the mandatory data collection and reflection activity period.
  • For registrars, working hours in GP Explore are automatically populated according to the information contained within the GPEx training database. However, if you need to manually change your working hours for the mandatory data collection period you can do this through the app or online.


To change your working hours you need to:

  • On the web – on your dashboard click on the edit icon(pencil) in the ‘Manage working hrs’ box in the top right hand corner of your dashboard. You will now see a table of – Dates, Hours, and Minutes. Simply double click in the field you want to change and enter a new value and press enter to save. 
  • On the app – press on the ‘Working hrs’ section. Press on the date you want to change the working hours displayed. Adjust the rolling Hours/Minutes and then press the ‘Update’ button. 

Updated on February 3, 2021

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