How can supervisors use GP Explore?

GP Explore is available to supervisors to capture and review their own data on patient diversity and consulting trends. This is not a mandatory activity. However, GPEx recommends that supervisors complete GP Explore at a similar time to their registrars, and compare their results to inform reflection and learning planning.

Supervisors can:

  • Create a snapshot of consulting– To produce a simple snapshot of consulting we recommend you enter data for 100 consecutive patients. If you capture data in this way you can also compare your 100 consecutive patients with those of your registrars to identify differences which may inform learning planning.
  • Build your consulting profile– Supervisors can add additional data at any point to build a profile of their consulting. All data is captured and automatically reported for your own review.
  • Complete a guided reflection– Supervisors can access/complete the reflective questions to assist identification of opportunities based on data capture.
  • Self-audit– Use GP Explore data to self-audit consulting and identify opportunities for improvement.

Registrars do not have access to supervisor data unless the supervisor decides to share this with them.

The recommended process for using GP Explore to capture unidentified patient data is shown in the figure below.


To do

Further information


☐ Read the GP Explore Resources

GP Explore Resources – Supervisors

☐ Nominate your start date for data collection (optional)

How to nominate/ check start date for mandatory data collection?

☐ Speak to your practice and ensure they are aware of the patient information process

How do I ensure patients are informed?


☐ Familiarise yourself with International Classification of Primary Care (ICPC2) coding system and have a copy on your desk. 

How do I choose a diagnosis code- about the ICPC2 codes?

Data capture

☐ Enter data (as desired)

How do I add patient data to GP Explore?

☐ Check your working hours recorded in GP Explore are correct (only required if you wish GP Explore to calculate a patient load)

How do I add my working hours?


Review analytics

☐ Review your GP Explore analytics/reports

How do I review my GP Explore analytics/reports?

Reflection and learning

☐ Reflect and implement changes

How do I complete the reflection?

Supervisors can also access their registrars’ data to inform feedback, planning for learning and support – see: How do supervisors support registrars to complete the mandatory requirements?

Updated on March 18, 2021

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