GPEx Connect FAQ

Step 1 – Existing GP365 Users

Log into GP365 using your account details

Step 2

Click on the GPEx Connect Link (top right on the Home page).  This will take you directly into GPEx Connect 

Step 1 – Non-GP365 Users

Click on ‘Post a vacancy’

Step 2

You will now be asked to login.

If you are a GP365 user you can use your account details to login.

If you are a non-GP365 user you will need to create a GPEx Connect account. Please click on ‘Create new Account’

Step 3 – Create a new account

Please complete the form to create a GPEx Connect account.

Step 4 – Dashboard

You are now logged inot GPEx Connect Dashboard.

1. Practice Profile

Click on ‘Update practice profile’ to edit your profile.

2. Vacancy Applications

You can post a new vacancy and/or open the application inbox to view any applications for your vacancy.

3. List of current vacancies

You will see alist of your current active vacancies. 

From here you can:

  • Archive a vacancy
  • Check on the Approval status
  • Edit or view the vacancy

4. Archived vacancies

You will see all your archived vacancies.

You can create a new vacancy here to save time entering the same data as a previous vacancy by clicking on the ‘Copy to new vacancy’ button.

Step 5 – Vacancy Form

The form is easy to use featuring free text boxes, tickboxes and buttons.

If you are unsure what is required to complete a section, click on the 

to  reveal more information to help you complete the section.

When you are finished or want to save the application form, tick the Privacy Policy and click on the ‘Post Vacancy’ button. (you can edit the vacancy form from the dashboard after you have posted the vacancy)

The vacancy will now be sent to the GPEx Marketing team to view the vacancy and then approve it to be displayed on GPEx Connect.

Updated on November 5, 2018

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