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GPEx is the South Australian Regional Training Organisation delivering general practice training to doctors selected to specialise in General Practice (GP).
The GPEx app is integrated with GPEx ONE to enable GPEx training tools on mobile devices for GPEx GP Registrars. The app incorporates features like active calendar, push notifications and GP Explore which captures and uses training related information for ongoing training improvement purposes.

GPEx app is registrar’s gateway to access selected training information related to GPEx.

This app will help you add GP Explore patient information to address college training requirements. The app also gives you the opportunity to modify GP Explore patient records.

Practices will receive more information regarding this data requirement in a few weeks.

GPEx Registrars will receive their Reminders, Marking notification and Submission notification using this app. Registrars are able to turn these off as required.

Registrars will be able to access GP365 Active Calendar from this app and will also get to know specific status of their assessments. Registrars will also be able to add the due dates to their phone calendar.

How do users obtain an account?
As described in the app description and the login page, this app is developed for GPEx registrars(medical training students). Only registered users will be able to login using their GP365 (GPEx training platform) username and password. This user account is created when registrars are enrolled in the training program.

Who is the target audience?
As specified above – GPEx registrars.

Is the app for a specific customized business to use for its employees?
The app is not for GPEx employees. It is for students (medical registrars from South Australia).

Or is the app built for the internal use of your company? Please explain.
No, its not built for internal use of the company. GPEx is training organisation for GP training in South Australia. This app is created to help our registrar enter patient related data required by the medical college and also help them with the assessment calendar + review the data they entered etc.

Is this a free or paid service?
Its completely free app. No payment required for this app. It’s part of Australian General Practice Training program.

How does the user/company pay?
The user doesn’t need to pay. The app empowers them with better tools for their training. Its part of GPEx’s continuous improvement initiatives for registrar training. AGPT (Australian General Practice Training) is funded by Dept. of Health Australia.

Only GPEx registrars with current GP365 user accounts will be able to login and use the app. Please contact us at or 1300 473 972 if you need any help.

Download the app

Download GPEx app from app store for Apple iPhones :

Download GPEx app from Google playstore for android phones:

Updated on October 2, 2019

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