Entering Patient Information (GPEx app)

We recommend you have a copy of the ICPC-2 code sheet either in paper or digital form nearby to help with entering the diagnosis code.

We also recommend you complete the patient data entry after the end of each consultation rather than at the end of the day for greater efficiency.

Step 1

Download the GP Explore app from either the App Store or Google Play

Step 2

Log into the app using your GPEx One login details

Step 3

The first screen on the app is the add patient record screen.

Press on ‘Add Patient record’

Step 4

Date of Consult will be added automatically

Add the Sex of the Patient – Male/Female/Other

Is the patient Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander – Yes/No

Click on the ‘Next’ button to continue.

Step 5

Add the “Age of the Patient’

Step 6

Add the ‘Presenting Complaint and the ‘ Diagnosis Code’. The diagnosis code can be found on the ICPC-2 code sheet. Also, if you start typing the complaint the app will provide you with options to choose from. You can add more than one presenting complaint or diagnosis code.

Step 7

Add a brief dot point ‘Management Plan’ and if you asked for a ‘Follow up Consult’. This is not a mandatory field.

Step 8

What was the ‘Length of the Consult’.

Press ‘Submit’ to complete and submit the patient record.

Updated on August 18, 2020

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