Entering Patient Information (GP Explore web)

Step 1

Log into GPEx ONE

Step 2

Click on ‘GP Explore’ on your dashboard.

Step 3

Click on ‘Add Patient record’ from the left hand pane.

Step 4

Fill in the patient form and click on the ‘Submit’ button to complete the record entry.

We will go through the patient form and each section. Mandatory sections are indicated by an * and need to be filled in to be able to submit the form.

Make sure you have selected an answer for all mandatory fields to be able to submit.

  • Date of Consult – automatically populated.
  • Patient Sex Information – your 3 choices are Male/Female/Other.
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander – Yes or No
  • Age of the Patient – any patient marked as 14 years old or under is automatically classed as a Paediatric patient and will be added to your Paediatric Log Book.
  • Presenting complaint – Briefly describe the patients presenting complaint.
  • Diagnosis Code – please use the ICPC-2 International Classification of Primary Care (WONCA) found in GP Explore Resources page to help you choose the appropriate code based on the presenting complaint. You can also start typing the complaint and the system will show you possible codes to use.
  • Management Plan – just a brief dot point management plan to be added.
  • Follow up consult – choose one of the options – None/Within 1 week/1-2 weeks/3-4 weeks or More than 4 weeks.
  • Length of Consult – choose one of the options – less than 5 mins/6-19 mins/20-39 mins or over 40 mins.

Make sure you have selected an answer for all fields to be able to submit.

Updated on August 14, 2020

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